Japan Landscaping, Inc.

We've been in business since 1970 and have seen and used many new products over the years. The stains by Classic Coatings Systems. have proved to be a cut above. The stain products are easy to apply and can be used for a variety of applications. New concrete staining is easy, even for a first timer. We have found that the water based stains are great to use over previously stained concrete that wasn't quite what the homeowner had expected and also on faded colored concrete. The seminar put on by Classic Coatings Systems was very educational. It provided us with the basic steps on the proper application of the Classic Coatings Systems products and also gave a basis for artistic expression on the application of stain.

Scott Kumer, Dreamworks Studios

Classic Coatings Systems Stripper was applied at an average rate of 100 feet per gallon. The product was allowed an approximate 30 minute stand time once applied upon the surface. The product was removed by heated high water pressure. The product effectively dissolved multiple layers of sealer with different chemical compositions. Excellent VOC compliant product and a great addition to the Classic Coatings Systems product offering. Product Description: Clear, excellent viscosity allowing for superior surface coverage. Health: The product has very little to no odor which reduced the respiratory impact on applicators.


Dcrete is excited to have discovered Classic Coatings Systems. The company delivers great customer service, answering our calls promptly and not having to go through layers of personnel to get questions answered. They provide eco-friendly products, meeting California VOC requirements, and creating an environment that is healthier for our workers and clients. Their products are economically competitive and deliver exceptional quality. In the world of decorative concrete there are hundreds of companies to choose from. Classic Coatings Systems is one company that has definitely worked for us.