1. How do I apply cleaners, stains, or sealers?

-Please refer to our YouTube videos. We have step-by-step tutorials

-Technical Data Sheets (TDS) on our website have application instructions as well


2. Should I brush, roll on, or spray?

-Personal preference

-Each application gives a different finish

-Always do a test area first


3. What kind of brush/ roller/ sprayer do I use? 


-We do not recommend using a brush


-3/8-inch nap roller

-Make sure to de-lint it first with tape, so fuzzies do not get on the surface


-Handheld Hudson sprayer, backpack sprayer, airless sprayer, pump sprayer.

-Anything with a CONE tip. NO FAN TIPS- they leave streak marks


4. After I clean, how long do I wait until I can start staining?

-We recommend cleaning the day before, that way you can come in the next day and see any spots you missed.

-Stain & Seal next day


5. How many coats do I apply?

*For Cleaners, Stains, and Sealers:

-We always recommend 2 coats

-You can do 3 for a heavier color

-You can do 1 for a lighter color

-It is personal preference


6. How long do I wait in between coats? 

-30 mins or so. It depends on the temperature. 

-As long as the surface is dry, you can apply the next coat.


7. After staining, when can I seal?

-Approximately 1 hour after staining.

-As long as the stain is dry, you can apply sealer


8. Does each gallon’s coverage include 2 coats or 1?

-Each gallon’s coverage includes 2 coats


9. Can I use the densifier/penetrating sealer over a stain?

-No. Penetrating sealers cannot go over stains.

-Must be used alone


10. Can I dilute the stain to get more coverage or to make the color lighter?

-No. We recommend lighter applications because color can always be built up.


11. What does the Concrete Cleaner do?

-Removes grease, oil, calcium, and efflorescence from the surface

-Opens up the pores of the concrete to accept the stain 

-Can do it 3-4 times to make your concrete look sandblasted


12. Why do I have to clean my concrete before staining or sealing? Can I just pressure wash it with water?

-90% of the job is cleaning! You must clean with any of our cleaners since it works as a system with our stains. 

-It is worth it to prepare the surface properly so no issues come up after you’ve already stained and sealed.


13. We just poured brand new concrete, when can I start staining?

-Concrete needs at least 28 days to fully cure


14. I have brand new concrete, so I don’t need to clean with a concrete cleaner, right?

-No. Even brand new concrete needs to be cleaned


15. I have 5-year-old concrete that has never been stained, I don’t need to clean it, right?

-No. All concrete surfaces must be cleaned before staining and sealing. 

-It doesn’t matter if it’s never been stained, there can still be calcium or efflorescence sitting deep inside that needs to be cleaned out, or it will come up later


16. Does the product come ready, or do I have to mix it with water?

-All of our products come ready to go except for our concentrated product lines.

-Make sure to read the product’s TDS for detailed mixing and application instructions. Visit our YouTube channel to watch step-by-step tutorials.


17. Can I mix 2 different colors together? Same colors?

-No, never mix stains together. 

-You can absolutely spray 2 colors, as long as they are dry in between applications

-If you have 2 of the same colors, we always suggest you mix both gallons together for even pigmentation.


18. Why are the colors coming out different if I have two gallons of the same stain?

-Color sits on the bottom of the gallon

-Go over how to mix product properly:

  1. Pour 80% out into a 5 gal bucket.
  2. Close the gallon and shake the remainder of the product very well
  3. Pour the rest into the bucket and mix thoroughly with a drill and mixing paddle
  4. Pour back into gallon with a funnel or into a pump sprayer.


19. I need to start over. How can I remove paint/stain/sealer?  

-Use Classic Paint and Sealer Remover, then pressure wash off

*Must use our concrete cleaner after because the stripper is oil-based


20. When using Classic Concrete Cleaner and Classic Paint and Sealer Remover: Do I have to pressure wash or can I just rinse well with a hose?

-No, you cannot use a hose because it is not powerful enough. You must use a pressure washer